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At OHHO, happiness is a habit and joy is a daily occurrence that usually happens right around mealtime.

For over a decade, OHHO has been providing authentic Korean cuisine that emphasizes honest, traditional flavors with straightforward ingredients. Before K-pop was hot we were blessed with the simple satisfaction of sharing carefully crafted dishes with our friends in Brooklyn. The flavors may be bold and the recipes might be complex, but we find that it’s easy to bond with anyone who understands the simple, basic joy of a meal well-shared.

Kimchi and bulgogi have entered the American lexicon and we’re still making sure that every plate we send out reflects our highest standards for cuisine and a bit of happiness that you can take with through the rest of your day. Our recipes are the same as they were on that first day. High-quality ingredients are given the respect they deserve as they take part in a culinary tradition that has been 1,000 years in the making.

We believe that food can be more than just sustenance; it can be a pathway to joy that everyone can share. A good meal is an experience to be savored and a gift to be gently unwrapped. Our locations employ simple, subtle environments that provide a soothing backdrop for any part of our hectic daily lives. We can’t fix all the world’s problems, but we try to put a bit of joy back into the world by fixing our favorite meals and sharing them with our friends.

Whether you visit us for just a moment as pick up carefully curated take-home meal kit, or you come to one of our locations and decide to stay, we think you’ll find an extra bit of wonder in your life as well.

As we continue to grow, we’d love to share a meal with you and give you a taste of where we’ve been and what we are. We hope that your next meal with OHHO can add a layer of happiness to your life.


"Great addition to the neighborhood! Coffee and delicious Korean food. I recommend the kimchee stew. Friendly service.


– Joelle T, Yelp

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